An Introduction

Whether you are here because you are one of my friends, or a follower on Twitter / Instagram or simply by chance, I would like to welcome you to this little space of mine. Here you will find everything and anything I want to share about myself and the three things I am most passionate about: Heavy Metal, beer and coffee. There will be reviews, stories, recipes, discussions, suggestions etc. Hopefully, you will find it interesting and not just some crazy rants of a silly nutcase.

I am no chef, journalist, musician, brewer, sommelier (not yet) or “expert”. I certainly do not pretend that my opinion is the only one that matters or that it is the only correct one. Also, I won’t necessary restrict myself to only beer and coffee: my love for caffeine and alcohol has no borders (and everyone knows better not to leave me unattended with a bottle of Jack Daniels), so I will most probably include various other stuff too (tea, anyone?) if I feel like it.

Before you begin browsing through my posts, let me lay down the law immediately:

  1. I am the queen of the castle here and I rule with an iron fist; no like it? Na na, na na na na, hey heeey, goodbye!
  2. I welcome different opinions, suggestions, alternatives and amendments to recipes, constructive criticism, debates etc. as long any interaction between you and me is kept polite and respectful. I don’t give a fu*k about your insults and rest assured that no matter what stupid, outrageous things you say I am, I won’t be remotely affected by it (and I definitely won’t publish it);
  3. I don’t accept any form of racism or discrimination whatsoever;
  4. I am not vegetarian or vegan, I don’t do gluten-free, I respect any healthy, balanced diet and I will try to provide a broad range of recipes if I can. If you would like to give me a vegetarian / vegan / free-from version of a recipe you see on this website, feel free to do so: if I try it and it works, I will publish it and I’ll be mentioning your contribution. Don’t feel the need of expressing how offended you are by my use of bacon, eggs or milk – I am warning you right now.
  5. All recipes are tested and executed by me. If you try it and it doesn’t turn out as it should be, I am here to help; however, if you only say “oh this one is crap” with no explanation whatsoever…. I won’t bother acknowledging your existence.
  6. This is something I do for passion. I am independent and I try products, places etc. because I feel like doing it, not necessarily because I’ve been asked to. If you are a brewer, pub, restaurant, coffee brand etc. and you would like me to write about you, let me make something clear: I don’t work for free. If you hope for a free advert and a nice review just because you think I’m such a charitable person, well, I will spare you the disappointment of a “no” right now.
  7. Everything published belongs to ME. No one is authorised to copy and / or use anything published here unless I granted prior authorisation and even so, I would require that you mention this blog and my name.

All clear?


Last thing (I promise): if this website live, up and running, it is because my dear friend Claudia talked me into doing it. She has an amazing and successful website / blog called La Mora Romagnola  which I strongly suggest you have a look at (she writes both in Italian and English). She is a dear friend of mine since the dawn of time and, for all things food & blog, my goddess. So well, basically Claudia this is all your fault!




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